Netol shines as bright as the sun

In November 1978, two young designers – Ramon Robert and Jaume Benabarre – founded the company R&B associats. A few years later, they were joined by Josep Pera and Raimon Cervera, and the company became known as Connecta Global Design. From the outset, the papier mâché figure of the Netol butler was a member of the team. Today, he is still with us and every day he is the first to wish us good morning… with the broadest of smiles.
The Netol factory was established in la Ronda de Sant Pere in Barcelona by two businessmen, Fresneda and Lorán, at the beginning of the last century. The advertising with the Netol butler could be seen everywhere: on trams and on buses, at metro stops, on hoardings… and always with his generous smile, striped waistcoat and bow tie. Netol’s radio advertising was also successful, and the catchy jingles echoed in homes and businesses, proclaiming the extraordinary properties of the product: how it gave metals a lustrous shine, while also protecting users’ hands. Drawing on a variety of musical genres, including the chotis, boogie-woogie and samba, these advertisements managed to capture the collective imagination of the time. Such is the power of advertising!