Castellers de Vilafranca | Refurbishment of the Cal Figarot building and garden

In collaboration with the architect Jordi Galtés and Martí Ferré (Bildigrafks), refurbishment has been completed of the Cal Figarot building and garden, home to the Castellers de Vilafranca (human tower club). Changes made to the garden have consisted in rationalising the layout to obtain more space for the group’s practice sessions, while the garden has also been given linear lighting along the jardinières, benches and stairways. The most noticeable result of the work inside the building is the photographic information showing the great achievements of the Vilafranca club and profiles of all the team leaders. Furthermore, steps, lockers, a large screen, a projector and a new bar top with storage space above have all been added. Triangular expanses of canvas have been hung from the ceiling of the building, new lighting has been installed, and the central skylight has been raised to accommodate 9-level formations.